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Funkita One Piece | Single Strap | Hippy Dippy

Funkita One Piece | Single Strap | Hippy Dippy

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There’s no better time to clear out the warehouse than springtime when the taxman sends notice of an impending audit. And aside from all the paperwork that needs shredding and feeding to the pigs (they are hungry and need incriminating material to eat), we unearthed some treasures from our more expressive days back in the 70s. Not only can you absorb the peace and free love from our inner creative souls, but your bloodstream may also absorb certain substances that were floating around the room at the time.

  • My single bind finish will flatter your sporty shape
  • Designed to sit comfortably on your shoulders away from your important working parts when pulling through the water
  • Moderate leg height and rear coverage so you won’t be picking around to find me after a few tumble turns
  • Full front lining and all the care and love that makes me proud to be Funkita
  • ECO C-INFINITY is a superior polyester construction that is manufactured from end-of-life plastic bottles
  • Providing 100% chlorine resistance and exceptional colours, ECO C-INFINITY gives new life to waste, reducing our environmental impact
  • Keep swimming day in and day out in the brightest swimwear on the market
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