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SwimTrek Coaching's new home is the National Open Water Swimming Centre on Brighton Beach.

Here, SwimTrek can offer a unique range of sessions: one to one coaching in the Endless Pool, Sea Swim Coaching and Squad training in the new 50M open air beachside pool.

The aim of the swim coaching sessions is to improve your swimming technique allowing you to swim faster and longer, with less effort. Whether you are an open water swimmer, triathlete, masters swimmer or just new to swimming, we can help you develop your swimming potential.

SwimTrek coaches are experienced open water swimmers, swim coaches & swim guides who will equip you with the knowledge, confidence and techniques that are specific to open water swimming.

The 90 minute session is a great introduction to analyse your overall swim technique or if you've been before an opportunity to fine tune particular areas you would like to work on, also if you've just started training for an event.

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